Prices and discounts

Iron on stars – prices

All our prices include hand finishing of your stars so they get to you in prefect condition. Shipping to UK address is free, to other countries it’s calculated at the checkout.

Hand finished embroidered iron on starsA pack of three iron-on stars costs £1.99, ten stars cost £3.75 and if you buy your stars in packs of twenty or thirty the cost per star is even less.

We also give discounts.

Discount for new customers

If you’re a new customer, you can get 10% off your first order by quoting the discount code New when you checkout.

Discount for schools and sports clubs

Our pretty embroidered stars are ideal for rewarding your high achieving pupils/players. Or – even better – those who work hard or help other people.

You can iron them onto almost any kind of fabric – martial arts belts, football (soccer) shirts, T shirts, shorts…the list is almost endless. Alternately, a couple of stitches will do the job if you don’t want to use an iron.

Reward stars on soccer shirtGold stars are the obvious choice for high achievers but other colours can be used. Red for bravery, for example, or silver for teamwork, green for trying hard, blue for helping someone else achieve something.

This form of intrinsic motivation is powerful. Getting a star (ideally, in front of peers or parents) makes children try even harder next time.

To get you started, schools and sports clubs can get 15% off their order of £19.99 or more by using the code sports at the checkout.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.