How to iron stars onto fabric

How to iron our pretty embroidered stars onto fabric

To iron on the patches, first warm up the iron on a medium (silk/wool) setting or higher if possible without scorching the fabric. The iron must be hot enough to melt the glue.

Position the patch where you want it to go with the glue side against the fabric.

Turn the material inside out and iron through the material against the underside of the patch for between 10-25 seconds (be careful not to scorch the fabric!). Let the patch set for a few minutes before you handle it.

PLEASE NOTE: Our patches have excellent adhesion. Once the patch is ironed on it may not be possible to remove it without damaging the fabric.

Patches can be ironed on most fabrics. The only problem you might experience is if you have a textured fabric that the glue can’t adhere to. In those cases or if you don’t want them to be permanent, you can put a few stitches in each one, or use fabric glue to hold it on. Patches probably won’t stay on stretchy material such as socks or head bands unless you sew them on with a thread.

IMPORTANT: Don’t wash or dry the fabric that has patches glued onto it using extreme heat — hot water or an extremely hot dryer can soften the glue and cause the patches to come off the fabric. Wash on a warm or cool setting, and dry on a medium or lower setting — the higher the heat, the more likely it is that the patch will come off.